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Making your company a great place to work means happy employees. A more engaged workforce means more productivity, less turnover, and less absenteeism. Here are some ideas on how to make your company a great place to work.


Generous Compensation and Benefits

In the end, money and healthcare are the main reason people work at a company. If there’s generous compensation, employees will appreciate their job more. When they get sick, they’ll appreciate a Cadillac insurance plan.


Nice Fringe Benefits

How did Google become a top place to work? One of the reasons why was free food. It also increased productivity because people stayed later.

While you don’t have to have a free five-star restaurant in your workspace, there are many small things you can do. Offer small prizes for hard work.



Many employees can work at home because of COVID-19. It’s very convenient and saves time and money. Many people love working remotely. Offer the option to work from home as much as possible.


Appreciate Workers

People are working hard in your business. A few words of encouragement or appreciation go a long way. If you genuinely liked someone’s presentation or spreadsheet, let them know. It’ll probably make their day.

Some businesses like to have awards every quarter or so. You could even have small trophies and prizes.


Encourage Acceptance

Most workplaces have a diversity of personalities and values. Some people are more eccentric than others. Frictions will inevitably develop.

You should try to encourage acceptance. If you don’t, shy team members might clam up. Creativity will suffer.

Team building exercises can help with this. Take a few days off a month and have an event. Do your best ideas not to roll your eyes at crazy ideas. The super-profitable ideas are often considered crazy when they’re first suggested.


Focus on Employee Development

Many workplaces pay lip service to do this but do your best to implement this. It’ll help attract top performers and keep them.


Encourage your employees to continually develop themselves. After all, if you’re not growing you’re stagnating. Offer classes and tuition reimbursement at local colleges and universities.


Many people want to work at a company with a great work environment. Creating one can be challenging. It can help to create a plan and take steps to properly implement it.