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John Palandjian

Personal Overview

About John

Located near Boston, Massachusetts, John Palandjian is the Director of Sales and Operations at 100% All-Natural Inc. In this role, he develops and manages relationships with all retail accounts, regional brokers and distributors in North America, facilitates weekly meetings, develops annual sales plans, develops KPIs to improve year over year sales by 25%, manages the annual merchandising and demo budget and more. Even though he started out at the company as a merchandiser, he was quickly promoted to Director within 18 months. His hard work has been noticeable throughout the entirety of his career, and he has proven himself to be a valuable asset to the companies he’s worked for.

Even though he has no college degree, John Palandjian has grown his knowledge of the field through personal experience and hard work. In fact, while working at IBM, John was promoted from Temporary Office File Clerk to Global Sourcing Manager within just five years. His strong background in the field has given him real-world experience in competitive industries and has allowed him multiple career advancements. Over the past 20 years, John has proven himself to drive impressive results and to be a prominent factor in many of his workplaces’ overall success. 

John also pursued self-employment for five years, working as a procurement consultant. During his time of self-employment, John provided strategic direction, managed an average of 10 requisitions every month across multiple channels, managed all social media content, provided career counseling and other services for individuals job searching, was responsible for all aspects of client management and oversaw blueprints, project plans and more. This position grew him in many different areas of his career and ultimately prepared him for what he does currently.

Throughout his career, John Palandjian has grown a large set of skills that have served him well. Some of the skills he has formed throughout his ample amount of time in his field are advanced negotiations, project management, fraud detection and management, policy and procedure development, recruiting and talent development and more. He values building authentic relationships, being easy to work with, bringing a positive attitude to each day on the job and being hard working. John has implemented these morals into his career, as well as his personal life. Along with his career interests, John also takes a special liking to personal training, weight loss and cognitive behavior therapy.

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