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Strong business leadership enables a business to achieve all its goals and maximize productivity, while weak leadership leads to reduced productivity and jeopardizes the business’s overall health. To be a strong leader takes more than just driving the company’s direction and make essential business decisions. Rate your manager’s leadership capabilities based on how they perform the following.

Motivate employees

Strong business leaders should always motivate employees to be diligent and meet the organization’s goals. It helps maintain the staff morale and ensures that employees clearly understand the significant role they play in the business’s success. Motivation may come in a monetary form such as salaries, bonuses or through establishing reward systems for all staff to benefit.

Initiates action

A good leader must initiate action by determining who will carry out specific tasks, schedule task deadlines, and the means of accomplishing the tasks. Without structuring a plan to achieve the business goals, a business will undoubtedly fail. Leaders must initiate fast action and adequately utilize the human resources to meet the business goals.

Invest in employees

A good leader must encourage the employees to keep learning by training employees and providing an environment that favors their personal development. It also equips them with the appropriate skills they need to perform better in their work. Investing in employees significantly boosts their morale, and it’s also a great way to enhance employee retention.

Inspires collective identity

When employees love their job and are satisfied with their working environment, they will always want to identify with the company’s vision and values. A good leader must create a suitable foundation for the company’s culture. It makes all employees appreciate collective identity under a leader they love and believe in.

Ensures effective communication

When major business decisions are made, such as adopting a new strategy, it is vital to ensure that all company employees are informed to reduce miscommunication issues. A strong leader must ensure that company communication reaches all the targeted parties through a staff meeting or emails. If communication comes from the point of authority, all doubts regarding the news authenticity are diffused.

Delegates responsibilities

Leaders can delegate too much or too little. Strong leaders, however, know the tasks to delegate and the tasks to handle on their own to boost the organization’s productivity. It is necessary to make adequate delegation, to maintain employee satisfaction.